RIP Carrie Fisher


I’m still in shock. I can’t believe that our Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, has died at the age of 60. It’s so sad. 2016 has taken a lot of people, including David Bowie, Kenny Baker and George Michael, but the two most heartbreaking for me were Carrie Fisher and Alan Rickman.

Carrie Fisher, in her own, paved the way for modern feminism. Starring in a mostly all-male cast, and being kick-butt and tough, while still being beautiful and feminine. Carrie Fisher was an inspiration. And her legacy will live on through the Star Wars franchise and the fans who will keep her alive in spirit.

Dwarf Marriages

I know, I know, I just wrote a post all about Nori, but I have so much to say about Tolkien’s works compared to the Hobbit movies, I need to vent.

The next thing I want to talk about is Dwarves and marriage. (Shoutout to this post here for helping me with my research.)

Behind the scenes of the Hobbit movies, either Jed Brophy or Mark Hadlow mentioned that in the movies, Nori, Ori and Dori are half brothers (maybe to explain why one of the oldest dwarves is brothers with the youngest dwarf). This is utter crap.

If you read the post I linked above, you’ll understand. If not, let me recap. There are scarcely any dwarf women, and even the ones that are don’t often marry. But the one’s that do only ever stay with that one dwarf for the rest of their lives. There is no other relationships, there is no sharing of women. If dwarves are siblings, then they have both parents the same.

And I’m not going to blame Peter Jackson on this one, since it came from either Jed or Mark, and I think the actor’s came up with their dwarf’s backgrounds, like William Kircher’s story about Bifur is constantly looking for the dwarf who put the axe in his head.

I Love Nori… But I Also Hate Him


Nori, who was played by Jed Brophy in the Hobbit movies, is a member of Thorin’s Company, a fellowship of thirteen dwarves. Nori is the brother of Ori and Dori. Nori is a thief.

Nori is one of my favourite dwarves.

And yet, I kind of hate him.

Allow me to explain:

Nori, as I said before, is a thief. A criminal. He’s only going on this trip for his share of the treasure. Jed Brophy even said, “He’s only in it for the money.” He doesn’t care about Erebor or the other dwarves, except Ori.

But in my opinion, making Nori a thief completely downplays Bilbo’s role as the Company’s burglar.

Think about it: Bilbo was chosen because of the fact that hobbits are nimble and can hide easily. Nori would have these same abilities in order to be a successful thief, and we know he’s somewhat of a good thief, because of the fact that he’s able to go on the quest and he’s not in jail.

And if Peter Jackson used the argument, “Smaug can smell dwarves” then he’s forgetting that Smaug was able to smell dwarf on Bilbo and literally made no difference, he got just as angry and in the book started circling the mountain before going and attacking Laketown. So Smaug knew Dwarves were hanging out outside.

So why didn’t they just send Nori to the Shire and promise to pay him lots of money if he survives. I mean, it’s not like anyone except Ori would miss him, from what I gather from the behind the scenes stuff and the movies themselves.

This just one more reason for me to hate the Hobbit movies. If they’d actually used their imaginations, they could’ve come up with something interesting that’s plausible. Like Nori holding a grudge against Thorin, or going because Smaug killed his mother or father or something like that. Or if money had to be in it, have a reason for Nori to maybe think he should be King. Something that makes more sense then stealing the spotlight on the main character, yet again.

And the way they designed the character is fascinating, with his costume and his hair. But I do think at the same time that as a thief in the wild most of the time, hanging out in old goblin hideouts and whatnot, he should have an easier hairstyle then the most of complex of all thirteen dwarves. Something more like what Fili has.

I didn’t say why I love him. And maybe it’s just because I love Jed Brophy. Maybe it’s because while he’s exasperating, he’s fascinating. Maybe it’s because, despite all of this I kinda have a crush on him. Maybe it’s his sass. But when it comes down to it, I don’t honestly know why I like him.

Review: Hope Was Here – Joan Bauer


When Hope and her aunt move to small-town Wisconsin to take over the local diner, Hope’s not sure what to expect. But what they find is that the owner, G.T., isn’t quite ready to give up yet – in fact, he’s decided to run for mayor against a corrupt candidate. And as Hope starts to make her place at the diner, she also finds herself caught up in G.T.’s campaign – particularly his visions for the future. After all, as G.T. points out, everyone can use a little hope to help get through the tough times… even Hope herself.

Filled with heart, charm, and good old-fashioned fun, this is Joan Bauer at her best. (From Goodreads)

If this Joan Bauer at her best, I’m not sure I’m going to read anything else.

Before I read this book, I read the synopsis. Then I read the book. Now I’m rereading the synopsis and I still have no clue what this book is supposed to be about. There is no real plot. The only thing driving the book forward is not strong enough to be considered a plot. Could it be pulled out and the book still survive? No. Could you replace it with something else along those lines. Easily.

The book is literally about a dying man running for mayor and waitressing. So if you’re a waitress, read this for some tips. That’s all your going to get out of it.

The characters were bland, and had no real personality. Things we found out about Hope had nothing to do with the book or anything important. For example, her name is actually Tulip, but she wanted to rename herself Hope to bring hope to people. The dumbest reason I’ve ever heard, but hey, you do you.

I’d say the best character in the book was Braverman and he was all over the place. From the first page we meet him, we’re supposed to assume that he’s this moody, kind of a jerk teenage boy, but it turns out he’s like 18 and actually a huge dork. But then later in the book, we start to get the moody side again. Pick a side and stick with it.

Also, Hope was written as a twelve year old girl and her voice stayed that way throughout the whole book, so imagine my surprise when I find out she’s actually 16.

This book, in my personal opinion, should not have been given an award. I think I wrote fanfiction with more depth when I was fifteen then this.


The Autumn Book Tag


1) What is your favourite thing about autumn?

The weather, I love how it’s kinda chilly, but can still be warm

2) What book on your shelf reminds you of going back to school/your school days? 


3) What book on your shelf reminds you of Autumn the most? 


Don’t know why, it just does

4) What is you favourite horror/Halloween story?


5) What is your favourite horror film?

I’m such a scaredy cat, I’ve never seen a horror film

6) Which book release are you most looking forward to this autumn? 

Don’t have one, I’m not one for series that haven’t been finished, most of the books I want to read are already released

7) Which film release are you most looking forward to this autumn? 

Fall: Moana; But since fall is almost over I’m going to add in my winter one as well and that is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

8) Show three books on your shelf you’re planning to read this season.

I don’t plan ahead, I just read either what my TBR chooses or what I’m in the mood for that day

I’m Back

So I’m back. After a very very long hiatus (I am so sorry).

I’ve been rereading my old posts. I am hilarious. And my opinions have changed so much it’s not funny.

I am going to try to be more active on this blog, but I don’t know if my computer will let me do that because it’s been having some issues. (Personally I think it’s because I got an iPad and it’s jealous, all of it’s problems are related to jealousy.) But seriously I need to get it fixed.

But alas, I shall try. And I shall start things off with a book tag!! Because those are always fun!


As a feminist, I see the need for equality everywhere. As a female, I see how women are treated and experience it first hand. But I cannot tolerate the way that some women go about promoting it.

I am all about equality. I am all about police officers NOT asking the girl what she was wearing when she was raped. But when I see girls like the members of Fifth Harmony or something promoting feminism and girl power and then seductively dancing in revealing clothes, all I can think of is this: “This is not what feminism is.”


IT’S ABOUT EQUALITY. You cannot expect men to change just because you want to be included. You cannot do this in your music videos and expect guys to respect you and to not be affected by it:








I used to love Fifth Harmony, but when their videos turned into what’s above, I stopped. I can’t do this anymore. This is not feminism. This is not equality. This is a form of control.

Another thing I would like to quickly add: More than one of them claim to be Christians. Somehow I don’t think God is pleased with what you’re doing, guys.